Annual Professional Development Report 2013-2014

Erik Insko, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


This report summarizes my professional activities for the period Summer 2013 through Spring 2014. My goal for this year was to maintain a balance of teaching, service, and research activities that is appropriate for FGCU and my professional goals of improvement and advancement. The greatest portion of my time was spent on teaching-related activities, including teaching three courses for the first time, and designing a flipped-classroom structure for all six classes taught during the school year. I worked actively on my research by collaborating with faculty at California State University- San Bernardino, Westpoint, Smith College, and FGCU. I also fostered a number of graduate and undergraduate research projects here at FGCU, and I prepared five papers for submission to a peer-reviewed journals. Finally, I served on the Mathematics Colloquium, ASPiRE, and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Search Committees, and I performed a variety of other service activities. A continued long-term goal is to integrate these different aspects of my professional life here at FGCU.

Aspire 2014

A Few Speakers and Organizers at the ASPiRE Conference

The links below contain summaries of my activities this year: