About me

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. '' -- Dr. Seuss

I grew up on a horse farm outside of Rockford, Illinois, where I developed a love for the outdoors, sports, and animals. As an undergraduate, I studied math and English, and was a varsity letter winner in soccer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Loras College. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Iowa under the guidance of Dr. Julianna Tymoczko.

My hobbies include playing guitar, biking, kayak fishing, and fixing up our old house. I also enjoy spending time with my wife, Elizabeth, our daughter Gemma, son Hunter, and our pets: Amos, Jasper, Shakespeare, and Heidi.

An old photo of me playing guitar on a porch in Iowa City.

Betti number and I many years ago!

A glamor shot of Miss Gussie.

Hunter Fall 2019

Gemma in 2017

Halloween 2017

The USTARS 2014 Organizing Committee and Speakers at UC-Berkeley




I am the eldest grandson of Bonnie and Delmer Insko.