Combinatorics Undergraduate Research Seminar (FGCU-CUReS)

In 2018, Drs. Katie Johnson, Shaun Sullivan, and I formed the Combinatorics Undergraduate Research Seminar (FGCU-CUReS) to share our favorite mathematical theories and problems with FGCU students.

Fall 2021

This semester we will start by introducing a combinatorial problem posed by Dr. Shaun Sullivan motivated by the many terrible drivers in Southwest Florida.

A Merging Problem Posed by Dr. Shaun Sullivan

This paper was a result of the seminar that fall

Time permitting we will also discuss how to count tetras tilings of the plane following methods introduced to us by Dr. Steve Butler.

Here are some combinatorics conferences or workshops that have gone online this year.

Algebraics Combinatorics Seminars

Algebraic Combinatorics Online Workshop

Spring 2020 - Lecture Notes on Umbral Calculus - led by Shaun Sullivan

  • Lecture 1 - Introduction to Umbral Calculus. Slides

  • Lecture 2 - Polynomial Sequences and Finite Operators. Slides

  • Lecture 3 - Formal Power Series and Generating Functions for Sheffer Sequences. Slides

  • Lecture 4 - Problem Solving Session - Exercises

FGCU Community Engagement & Research Day (CERD 2020)Domination Theory and the Placement of Solar Panels - Viktoriya Bardenova

Alyson Baumgardner, Brooklyn Crum

Morgan Bettencourt, Andrew Mckay, Carlton Saunderson

The Mathematics of Gerrymandering - Meghan Carlson

Collin Garofalo

Thuan Huynh

Joshua Teeter

Tom Shlomi

Lars Nilsen

Here are some papers with CUReS students.

  1. A formula for enumerating the number of permutations with a fixed pinnacle set (Lars Nilsen)

  2. Bounds on (t,r) broadcast domination numbers of n-dimensional grids (Tom Shlomi)

Fall 2019 Lecture Notes on Coxeter Groups - led by Erik Insko

Spring 2019 Lecture Notes on Ramsey Theory - led by Dr. Katie Johnson

Fall 2018 Lecture Notes on Generating Functions - led by Dr. Shaun Sullivan