Service 2012-2013

I participated in a range of service activities during the school year.


  • Member Graduate Admissions Committee
  • Member of Graduate Testing Committee
  • Member of the Colloquium Committee
  • Department Representative at the Joint Mathematics Meetings Employment Center

While I had originally planned to chair a new committee for promoting undergraduate research, I realized that the Colloquium Committee had many of the same objectives as the proposed committee on undergraduate research. Therefore I joined the Colloquium Committee and helped plan the first annual Advancing Student Participation in Research Experiences Conference. In addition to co-organizing the conference, I wrote an article FGCU Math Department holds 1st Annual ASPiRE Conference about the conference for the CAS Quarterly. I am pleased to note that we have quite recently secured a Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (RUMC) grant from the MAA to help sponsor next year’s ASPiRE Conference. Here will find a letter expressing the appreciation of my service written by the Math Colloquium Committee's Chair.

CAS Quarterly - March 2013

Click on this image to view the ASPiRE website.


Several professors at the USTARS conference commented on how impressive and well-prepared David Blessing and Christie Mauretour's presentations were. The event gave these students and invaluable experience and showcased the FGCU math department to the national mathematics community. In addition, the USTARS Organizing Committee is eager to hold USTARS 2015 at FGCU.