Annual Professional Development Report 2015-2016

Erik Insko, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


This report summarizes my professional activities for the period Summer 2015 through Spring 2016. As documented in this in this annual report, I have worked extremely hard to achieve all of my short-term goals this year and made significant strides toward achieving my long term goals at FGCU. I maintained a balance of teaching, research, and service activities appropriate for FGCU and my professional development.

The greatest portion of my time was spent on teaching-related activities. I attended a week-long workshop on Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning and a book club on Make it Stick – The Science of Successful Learning and incorporated the information and pedagogical methods I learned in those book clubs into my teaching practice.

I worked hard to develop my research program by collaborating with faculty at FGCU, the US Military Academy, Harvey Mudd University, Sam Houston State University, and I fostered numerous research projects with FGCU undergraduates and master’s students. As a result of these efforts, I was awarded the FGCU Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Award and the Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award this year, and I received internal and external funding for collaborative research, and I am building a track-record of successful research projects, that I hope will help me acquire more external research funding in the years to come.

Finally, I served our university and mathematical community by serving on the Mathematics Colloquium, ASPiRE, STEM-Squared Grant Proposal Committee, Whitaker STEM Summer Scholarship Committees, and co-organizing the USTARS conference at Sam Houston State University and a Special Session on Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics at the AMS Sectional Meeting at Rutgers University. My continued long-term goal is to integrate my teaching, research, and service in a way to serves FGCU and the community, and I certainly made great strides toward that goal this year.

Here is a link to my Annual Report for 2015-2016.